Your Guide To Wear Glitter Makeup

We all remember that time in our lives (cough, cough the nineties) when it was acceptable to cover ourselves in head-to-toe glitter. From sugary-sweet Bath and Body Works Art Club products, to sparkly hair mascara, to chunky glitter pressed onto our lids and lips, there was no such thing as “too much of a good thing.” Recently, glitter makeup has had a resurgence (especially during the holiday party season), but luckily the on-trend way to wear it involves a little more restraint this go-round.

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That being said, loose shimmer and sparkly creams are still tough AF to apply without getting it all of your face, body, and bathroom. We talked with makeup artists about the best ways to embrace glitter without looking like a walking disco ball:


Before you bust open a package of loose glitter, take a moment to think about your location. If your vanity table has fluffy carpet underneath it, you may want to move to the bathroom where there’s a tile floor—that way it’ll be easier clean up rogue sparkles. Another must: a stainless steel palette. It provides you with a clean slate to work off of.


Make sure your complexion is clean and moisturized for a flawless application.” Beforehand, she suggests detoxifying and refreshing skin.

If you’re working on a glittery eye look, use an eye shadow first that’s the same tone as your glitter. This will blend the textures of the glitter and the shadow together seamlessly and give the overall look a more polished finish.


Skip the craft store and always buy cosmetic-grade glitter—otherwise you may irritate your skin.  There are gels and creams premixed with glitter that makes them easier to control.

In terms of glitter application, there are a few great ways to go about it. It really depends on personal preference—and where you want to highlight. Check out these mess-free ideas:

  • Take a small makeup brush or sponge and dampen it by spritzing on a setting spray.
  • If you’re a beginner (or pressed for time), opt for liquid glitter.
  • If you really want to shine bright like a diamond, mix glitter with glow-boosting oil or moisturizer. Sweep it on with a makeup brush wherever you want some radiance.

No matter how precise you try to be, there’s a high chance glitter will end up somewhere you don’t want it. Enter your sparkle-removing BFF: surgical tape. If you buy glitter, you should not leave the store without surgical tape. You can buy it at most drugstores. “A light tap of tape will lift off excess glitter without disturbing the rest of the makeup.” For more precise removal, get creative with your clear tape: “Fold the tape in a shape that is helpful to target glitter pick up. ”

Once your face is shimmering in all the right places, lock everything in place with a setting spray.

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