Sinus Congestion Relief – Some Methods That Can Help

Sinus congestion is an ordinary health problem. Often, it is mistaken as congestion because of common cold. What differentiate the two is that, sinus congestion always come with symptoms such as body aches, fever, headaches, and facial pain.

The cause of sinus can be cold or flu. If the case is a cold, the viral infection will stir up the mucous membrane of the sinus cavities and it will start to produce big quantities of mucus until the cavities is filled. When this happens, you will have hard time of breathing and sometimes swallowing too. So, what can provide sinus congestion relief?

Well, the most common means of relieving sinus congestion is the use of decongestants and other anti-inflammatory medicines. These are over the counter medications and you can get them in drug stores or even groceries. Though most of the decongestants are sold over the counter, there are other types of this drug that require doctor’s prescription.

Next, nasal irrigation also offer sinus congestion relief. This technique is becoming more and more accepted and often advised for children. A water and salt solution is applied to the affected area using syringe. The solution cleans the mucus in the nasal cavity. Immediate relief follows after the process. The application of hot compress and inhaling of vapor is another good way to treat sinus congestion. This method may not yet be scientifically proven but it has been known to work for many decades now. This is a traditional remedy for unblocking the nose through loosening the mucus that’s blocking the nasal passageways or sinuses.

Some people also try homeopathy or home remedies for solving sinus congestion. This treatment is symptom-based where the doctor based his prescription according to the symptoms being experienced by the patient.

Antibiotics, steroids, and nasal sprays can also provide relief and usually prescribed by doctors these days. However, if allergy is the root cause of the problem, desensitizing shots may be the right treatment option.

Furthermore, you can consult with an ear, nose, and throat doctor. He will be able to tell if your sinuses needed to be pumped out or whether endoscopic surgery is required. This surgical treatment is done with the use of miniature tools and inserted via the nasal passages. In a few cases, the outcome is very successful.

However, this is intended to be the last option when everything else did not succeed in treating the sinus congestion. There are also cases where the sinusitis is extremely hard to treat. In this situation, the patient may call for management with medications which can go on for a long time.

At any rate, if the problem keeps on, it will eventually move to the lungs. When this happens, your sinus problem will become a life threatening case. Keep in mind that early treatment will not just relieve sinus congestion but will also save you from possible complications and further hassles that come with having to treat a more severe health problem. Most importantly, you will avoid more pain, discomforts, and sleepless nights.

Finally, sinus congestion is undeniably harmful but if you will take good measure and treat it properly, it will be easier to divest yourself of it.

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