Express Your Birthday Invitations With Glitter

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to send out plain, boring birthday invitations. Glitter spray will not only enhance your Glitter Party and lend your event some sparkle, but it’s a budget-friendly method for adding zest to otherwise lackluster invitations.

Glitter Party

Where to Buy Glitter Spray

Your local craft supply or scrapbooking store should have a wide variety of glitter sprays for you to choose from. These typically cost $3 to $4 per can. Each spray can should give you enough glitter to cover most of your birthday invitations, depending on how large your party will be and how much surface area of the invitation you want to spray.

It’s a good idea to purchase extra invitations, which will give you ample practice to get just the right glittery look. In addition, it’s always wise to have extra birthday invitations on hand in case you forget to invite someone, and you can also create one just to keep for your scrapbook or to frame.

How to Enhance Your Glitter Parties with Glitter Spray

Glitter can add a touch of elegance to any birthday invitation, or it can liven up a casual invitation by enhancing certain elements. Again, buying a few extra to practice on is a good idea because there are several ways to incorporate glitter spray. First, you can spray it all over, especially if you’re hosting an evening party outdoors and choose silver glitter spray, for example. The silver glitter in this case could mimic a starry night and indicate a formal atmosphere.

You might choose to spray a design or a border using cutout shapes that perhaps go with your theme. If you choose to spray into a shape, however, choose a simple shape like a balloon or even a champagne glass. Don’t be afraid to layer colors or even create a two-toned image, like a birthday gift with a striped glittery design.

Finally, you can choose to embellish certain elements already present on your invitations. For example, if your birthday party theme is a Mexican fiesta, and your invitations feature a colorful banner stretched across the top of the invitation and a border of maracas and sombreros, you might choose to spray glitter only on the banner and the border designs, so they stand out with a little shimmer.

Glitter Spray Tips and Ideas

It is a good idea to work in an open, well ventilated area and to cover nearby surfaces (and work surfaces) with newspaper for protection. You might consider wearing a mask as well, even if you work outside. Most glitter spray will advise you to hold the can 12 to 18 inches away from the target. If you want to apply extra coats, simply turn the invitation 90 degrees to avoid uneven coverage. Once you’re finished and have the look you want, let your invitations dry flat, preferably for several hours or even overnight, just to make sure the glitter spray sets. You don’t want to work hard personalizing your birthday invitations only to ruin some by handling too early.

Whether you choose gold, silver, or a colored glitter spray to enhance your otherwise dull birthday invitations, they are sure to make your party shine.

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