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4 Apr

What Are The Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

Getting Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

Have you heard about recumbent bikes? Recumbent bikes are not the typical bikes we see driven along by people at the park. Recumbent bikes are exercise equipment wherein the user is positioned in a reclining way once seated. It is becoming famous among those who are health and figure conscious because of the bike’s design. Aside from the comfort design, appropriate distribution of weight is also one of its best features. This kind of equipment is famously known due to the comfort it provides when seating and one can easily grab its accessories.

There are two types of recumbent bikes. First one is the Recumbent Road Bike and the other one is the Recumbent Exercise Bike which is the stationary type. Recumbent Road ones are perfect for cycling outside while enjoying the scenery. On the other hand, Recumbent Exercise Bike is well suited to those who want to work out at the comforts of their own home. This is also the type of recumbent bike used in your favorite workout place called the gym.

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Recumbent Bike Buying Guide – 6 Things To Look For When Buying

There are so many good recumbent bike reviews   that are available. Therefore, you need to know the 6 things to consider when buying a good recumbent bike. Here are the 6 things to look for when buying:

#1 Padded Seat

With recumbent bikes, it’s all about the bike seat. The more comfortable the seat, the more enjoyable your workout.

Look for a padded seat or, even better, a seat with lumbar support. Some bikes even pattern their seats after high-end executive chairs. The more comfort features on the seat, the better.

#2 Adjustable Seat

You want a bike seat that is adjustable forward or backward. This makes it easier for users of different heights to find a fit that’s right for them.

Some bike seats also give you an adjustable angle so you can sit straight up or lean back a bit. This is usually only found on bikes that are $900+ however – but it’s still a great feature to have if you can find it.

#3 Backlit Console

Because you’re fairly far away from the console on a bike (vs a treadmill or elliptical), it’s very important to have a backlit console.

This makes it easier to read your stats as you’re cycling. You don’t want to have to strain forward to see the console.
Cheaper bikes under $500 tend to have non-backlit consoles and these are one of the main things people complain about once they’ve got their bikes home and are trying to see the console.

#4 Heart Rate Monitor

Most bikes do come with hand grip heart rate sensors to get a heart rate reading. However many people also like to have the option of a wireless heart rate monitor.

This is because wireless monitors are easier (you don’t have to constantly grip the hand sensors) and more accurate.

#5 Resistance Levels

You want a bike with lots of resistance levels (at least 12 or more). Why? Because as you get into better shape, you want to continue to challenge yourself.

There’s no point buying a bike and then topping out at the highest resistance within the first 3 months.

#6 Entertainment Options

Bikes are getting better at giving you more entertainment options to make workouts more interesting. For example, many recumbent bikes now have an iPod dock. So you can plug in your mp3 or iPod and play your favorite tunes.

You can also find internet connections, lots of built-in workouts and workout tracking programs. Look for a bike that has lots of entertainment options if you get bored easily. It will pay off in terms of a more enjoyable workout time.

So those are 6 things to look for when buying a recumbent bike.

Look for these things when you shop and you’re more likely to find a better bike for your money – and use it for years to come.

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Common Workout Mistakes 4 Jun

Most Common Workout Mistakes You Have To Know

Most Common Workout Mistakes

According to doctors, workouts may help you reduce your risk of a lot of health conditions, such as cancer, depression and heart attacks. Aside from this, workouts make you stronger both physically and mentally. If you are working out without the help of a good fitness trainer, you are more prone to common workout mistakes. Here are 5 of those mistakes that you should avoid.

Common Workout Mistakes

1. Workout goals

What are your workout goals? No matter what you want to achieve by working out, your workout sessions should consist of three stages: warm-up, exercise and the stretch-out stage.

Most people focus on the second phase, which is a mistake. Starting your workouts phase without warming up your body first is a bad idea. If you don’t warm up before a workout session, you may end up hurting your muscles. The stretch-out phase is equally important.

2. Not Warming-up Before Each Session

With the warm-up stage, you are informing your nervous system of the physical stress it is going to go through. This stage will help your body prevent premature fatigue and skipped heartbeats.

The warm-up phase is more important if you are going to do some high interval intensity training exercises like CrossFit or sprinting. Even if you are going to do a workout of moderate intensity, you should warm up as it will get your blood flowing throughout your body.

3. Doing The Exercises The Wrong Way

After box jumping or deadlifts, some people complain about pain in their lower backs. Some people think that it is muscle soreness and shouldn’t be taken as something serious. However, the thing is that you should learn to differentiate between muscle soreness and joint pain.

Mostly, joint pain may occur if you do an exercise the wrong way. It may also lead to injury in some cases. Therefore, it is important that you get some guidance from a fitness trainer.

4. Sticking to the Same Type of Exercises

Do you find your workouts boring? If so, it’s time for you to change our workout plan. Doing the same movements over and over again may make it harder for you to get your desired results.

For instance, if you do jogging on a daily basis, you should change your route. Or you can increase or decrease your speed for a change.

5. Ignoring Other Body Parts

The human body is not a simple machine. It functions on different levels at the same time. Therefore, you should do workouts that will work multiple areas of your body. Focusing on the same parts may cause your body to lose balance. As a result, your body gets weaker and you don’t see the desired results.

Therefore, we suggest that you choose a set of exercises that will work all of the important parts of your body that people usually ignore.

So, these are some common workout mistakes that most people make. If you don’t want to end up hurting yourself while working out, we suggest that you avoid these mistakes. Hopefully, now you will be able to get the most out of your exercises.