Choosing Your Anti-Aging Cream – The Essential 3 Step Process

Choosing Your Anti-Aging Cream

Anti-Anging as well as wrinkle creams and serum are today one of the most popular area within the skin care industry. The Anti-Aging field has in recent time been inundated with many companies claiming that their product can take years if not decades out of the appearance of aging skin. The question remains that with so many products promising wonders, which ones actually work and how could you find out before even your first application?

Is it OK to believe their claims? Should you go purely on your instincts? Is there a better way to go about it? Fortunately there is an extremely easy 3 point process you can go through to determine the product that will work best with your skin type:

1. Determine your skin type.

– Non sensitive skin – Go straight to point 2
– If you have extremely sensitive skin then you first want to make sure the product does not contain any well-known irritants.Even though the product may work really well for some people you don’t want to be left with red, painful or blemished skin. Watch out for ingredients that are known to irritate sensitive skin like Retinol. However consulting a specialist may be the way to go if your very uncertain.

2. Make sure the cream has a minimum of 1 anti-ager as well as a collagen builder and repairer. Such anti-agers include ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl and Argireline. A Collagen complex of some sort is required as a Collagen builder and includes such ingredients as Marine Collagen Complex. Natural Peptides is also another collagen builder you should look out for.

3. Refrain from using all-in-one creams or serums. The reason for this is that you simply can’t have a product that will effectively target all areas of the face without forgoing its effectiveness. For example areas close to the eyes will require different elements and concentration levels to the forehead. Simply put certain areas requires certain sensitivities and concentrations.

Using the points mentioned above you should now be able to comfortably and confidently select the most appropriate anti-aging or wrinkle cream that will give you the best results.

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