Best natural bath bombs

Bath bombs are one of the most adored beauty products among teens and young women. These compact balls of soap can do some pretty amazing things to bath water. Some bath bombs are fragrant, while other create a large amount of foamy bubbles for great lather. Bath bombs can do everything from change the color of bath water to fizz streams of glitter.

This all sounds like fun, but why does it seem that so many companies are creating their bath bombs with unnatural, chemically toxic ingredients? The natural bath bombs you buy from the store may be completely unhealthy for your skin. Many people do not realize how fake and processed these products can be if they’re not all natural and organic!

Why Choose a Natural Bath Bomb

Many bath bombs contain typical ingredients found in unnatural soaps, carcinogenics, detergents, and alcohols that strip the skin of necessary oils. If you are experiencing dry skin that seems to constantly lack moisture, it could have something to do with products you’re already using in your beauty routine. Many people use more than one type of chemically laden concoction on their skin.

A conventional exfoliant, body oil, and lotion could easily be replaced with the right bath bomb due to how effective they are at nourishing the skin! High quality organic ingredients make all of the difference when it comes to skin care products. Chemicals work in the short term but damage skin in the long run, and can lead to many devastating health problems as well. Organic bath bombs work in the short and long term, and do not lead to any terrible health consequences because they are very natural. The ingredients found in some bath bombs are natural enough to actually eat, like coconut, orange peel, and mango (though you definitely shouldn’t take a bit out of one).

It’s important to understand why organic bath bombs are the right choice. Organic means that something is not filled with preservatives, added chemicals, pesticides, or any other chemicals that are harmful for the body and the environment. Products labeled organic have to be rigidly examined and tested to earn that label! That means organic bath bombs are extremely safe and come without the many problematic ingredients found in unnatural brands. Because the ingredients are organic customers can rest easy knowing their purchase was ethical and beneficial to the skin rather than harmful. It doesn’t hurt that many natural plant-based products make the skin improve over time (while unnatural products have the opposite effect and result in many consumers wasting money or products that continue to only do damage in the long run).

How to Use Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are arguably one of the easiest beauty products to use. You simply run a hot bath, and drop a bomb into the water. The bomb usually fizzes as it dissolves, which many find very entertaining and what makes bath bombs so much fun. Bath bombs then leave the water colorful, fragrant, and moisturizing. An all-natural bath bomb is much superior than bubble bath or pouring soap under the faucet because the ingredients are actually beneficial to the skin. Organic ingredients taken right out of nature are much better for us than chemicals created in a lab.

Among the many ingredients that can be found in organic bath bombs are: all natural Epsom salt, essential oils, dead sea salts, natural sugars, clays, nourishing butters, and plant-based products. There is no exact formula for the perfect bath bomb— there are many different combinations of ingredients out there!


Many of the oils present in organic bath bombs are excellent for aromatherapy, which is a method healing using essential oils. Depending on what oils you go for, certain bath bombs can be very beneficial by making bath water very aromatic. Lavender is excellent for winding down while grapefruit is better for waking your body up. There are bath bombs for everything from stress to rehydrating the skin to headaches.

The possibilities are endless with so many different herbal and plant-based ingredients to choose from. You are sure to find a type of essential oil that you enjoy. For more information, please visit

100% Pure Skincare Products – Do They Exist? Why Would You Want Them?

Many people are now becoming aware that many modern skincare and anti aging products contain potentially harmful ingredients. For this reason many seek to learn more about Handmade Skincare Products in Malaysia.

Whether you call it 100% pure skincare or holistic skincare or natural skincare or organic skincare, what people are looking for is skincare products that don’t contain harmful ingredients.

If it’s news to you that many mainstream skincare products and antiaging products and cosmetics contain potentially harmful ingredients then here’s a couple of examples to demonstrate why so many people are now looking for 100% pure skincare products.

A recent study, for example, has found lead in many of the big brand lipsticks that so many of us use. Other studies have found chemicals called Phthalates in many of our skincare and anti aging products and cosmetics. Phthalates have linked to birth defects.

Why is this so? Because the FDA doesn’t regulate or test anti aging products and skincare products for safety, (or for how well they work), and so many companies use ingredients in their products that are suspect or even dangerous, and sometimes are also damaging to your skin.

And there’s many more examples than these 2, so many in fact that there is now a consumer organization set up dedicated to exposing dangerous ingredients in skincare products and cosmetics in an attempt to clean up the industry.

So you can see why so many people are looking for safe skincare products and so seek to buy 100% pure skincare products, or what some call holistic.

Most of the big brand name cosmetics and skincare products are suspect, and many do very little either. However for those seeking 100% pure, safe skincare products there is good news. There are excellent companies dedicated to developing high quality, safe, effective and pure skincare products, and safe, effective and pure cosmetics.

Let me give you some examples. There is a small niche company that makes what I consider to be the best skincare products available that use all safe and 100% natural skincare products. They use ingredients that are naturally occurring and extracted in a safe, and effective manner.

For example one of the best ingredients you can find in your skincare products is Phytessence Wakame. This is a seaweed found around the coast of Japan that is regularly eaten by the Japanese, who have some of the best skin in the world. Scientists have now discovered that the skin health of Japanese women is no accident. That it can be put down in large part to the inclusion in their diet of this seaweed called Phytessence Wakame.

There is a wide range of active ingredients in Phytessence wakame that help maintain skin health, suppleness and youthfullness. And so anyone who eats Phytessence Wakame will exhibit characteristics of good skin health.

This small niche company now uses Phytessence Wakame in their 100% pure skincare products, and it is now an essential ingredient in just about all of their skincare range. It’s naturally occurring, safe, and extremely effective.

Scientific studies have shown many similar 100% pure naturally occurring ingredients that can be used in skincare products to avoid the necessity of using chemicals and other suspect or dangerous ingredients.

However the big brand name companies don’t generally use them because they are often much more expensive than the chemical ingredients they use now, so cut into profits.

This small niche company however doesn’t advertise on TV and has a limited marketing budget, so costs are way lower, and they direct their funds into research and development of high quality 100% pure skincare products that work extremely well. Holistic skincare products that put the big brands to shame, both on quality and price.

But because they don’t advertise on TV chances are you’ve never heard of them. Or another company that comes to mind that makes superb 100% pure cosmetics that are very high quality. Holistic cosmetics that are safe to use, unlike many.

So if you’re looking to find some high quality 100% pure skincare products or holistic cosmetics that are safe and effective you can find them, they do exist. They work well, are safe to use, and cost competitiv.

But you won’t buy them from the big brand name skincare companies or cosmetics companies. For more information visit