The Truth About Silicones and Their Effect on Natural Hair

18 Jul

The Truth About Silicones and Their Effect on Natural Hair

Silicone Free Hair Care

Lately, I’ve been on this quest to find the perfect hair product. Thanks to .I’ve learned so much about silicone free hair care and the truth about silicones and the effect on my hair. And, if there is any one product or products that come close to perfect; it can only be close to perfect for one person. YOU. This is why beauty is big business. We as consumers will keep pushing until we find the one…or, maybe it’s that one…no, it’s definitely this one.

silicone free hair care

I’ve been relaxer-free for almost four years, but I recently became a naturalista–as I like to call it. I’ve been on a quest to find products that are natural and if they’re not 100% natural, I try to find those that will have the least negative impact on my hair. I have found several products that I absolutely loved, but later learned that my love affair with them had to end because they contained ingredients that were potentially harmful to the long-term health of my naturally curly hair.

Products that contain silicones happen to be the ones that I loved the most; especially the conditioners. Imagine my disappointment, but mostly fear when I realized that I had to find alternatives that could still give me similar, if not, the same results. Rather than go on this blind hunt for silicone-free products, I decided to do a little research. Besides, what good is it to buy silicone-free products if the other ingredients were potentially just as harmful? I’ve learned that there were quite a few ingredients in these products that were potentially harmful, but we can discuss those another time.

I wanted to make sure if whether or not all silicones were created equal. No, they are not, but does that mean that some are better than others? Apparently there are. At the end, you decide if whether or not using silicones are worth the risk. And, really how much of a risk is it?. I’ve found that there are some who feel the risk is worth it. However, those who take the risk and use silicone-based products have made educated decisions to do so. Remember this discussion is geared towards those who are interested in using natural products. If you’re only interested in what works–and, that’s OK too, this is not the article for you.

Silicones: Natural Hair’s Enemy

When I search for a new product I can stand in the store aisles forever trying to make sure that the product I’m looking for doesn’t have at least one of the ingredients we naturalistas have been told is BAD for our hair. Silicones. I’ve read countless articles that tells us that if a product’s ingredient list includes anything with the word cone at the end of it, then we should not use it. So, silicones are the enemies to all naturals, or at least one of the many.

Remember, natural hair has inherent enemies. On any given day its enemy could be any one of the elements; which launches a whole host of attacks, including: Dryness, brittleness, frizziness, and other types of damage. Another natural hair enemy can be ourselves in the way in which we handle our hair.

Silicones have been disguised as natural hair friends. They’re here to help combat the elements’ torture on the hair and to alleviate some of the pressure we place on ourselves. But after-awhile we learn that the use of silicones only prolongs the inevitable and can make things worse. One of silicones’ deceptions is that they can trap moisture and they serve as a humectant. Humectants are great for dry hair. It’s all about moisture, right? Dry hair needs moisture.

The Problem with Silicones

The problem with silicones is that they are not water-soluble, which means that over time they can build up in the hair and they are really hard to get rid of. In order to get rid of this build-up, we have to use really harsh sulfates (shampoo) to rid our hair of this mess. We have learned that shampoos that contain these sulfates are not good for naturals because they strip our hair of all that is essential to maintain its health.

I’m still not really sure of what long-term damage silicones can cause, but an uneducated guess would be that as we continue to use silicones, the use of harsh products to get rid of them is what can cause the long-term damage. Also, another to consider is if silicones are good at trapping things such as moisture, then I’m going to assume that they can even trap impurities and that could also be where the issues occur.

This is really too bad because silicones really make the process of finding ways to tame our natural tresses a lot easier. It’s true, silicones are a quick fix. I search to find more natural solutions for my hair that can give me similar results as silicones but it’s not easy…

But, Wait…There May Be Hope!

I have found that there are some silicones that may be OK for us naturalistas to use. If the silicone has Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) listed in front of that nasty cone containing word then it may be OK to use on natural hair. PEG is a water-soluble silicone and does not cause product build-up. This means that those of us who use less harsh shampoos or co-wash our hair with conditioners are able to continue with these products or methods to keep our hair clean and moisturized.

I understand there are times where life calls for what works right now. I also know that sometimes being at your best requires spending a little more than what you can afford. There are products out there that are silicone-free and are great at moisturizing the hair. You just have to do your research to learn what those products are. At the end of this article there is a list of the silicones that are found in many of the products we use.

This is for information purposes only. As always, make sure to do the research and choose products that are best for your hair. I provide this information to those who are interested in using natural products who may not have the time or simply would rather buy their products than to create them on their own.

Different Kinds of Silicones

Note: Not all silicones are created equal. Some are more water-soluble than others. They will be listed by NOT water-soluble, slightly soluble, and water-soluble.

Not water-soluble: Cetearyl methicone, Cetyl Dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Stearyl Dimethicone, Amodimethicone (and) Trideceth-12 (and) Cetrimonium Chloride, and Trimethylsilylamodimethicone. Note: Trideceth-12 and Cetrimonium Chloride are only considered a silcone when both are combined with Amodimethicone.

Slightly water-soluble: Amodimethicone, Behenoxy Dimethicone, and Stearoxy Dimethicone.

Water-soluble: Dimethicone Copolyol, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein Hydroxypropyl Polysiloxane, and Lauryl methicone copolyol.


Customerhealthguide 11 Jul

Are Nutritional Shakes Safe?-What You Need To Know

Are Nutritional Shakes Safe?

More and more people seem to be turning to nutritional shakes but are these replacement meal shakes safe? Originally, meal substitute shakes were developed for those who were either sick or had trouble swallowing their foods. As technology has advanced though, nutritional supplements have become a multi-billion dollar industry and nutritional shakes have become a part of that. Because of the advancements in food processing and manufacturing, nutritional shakes have become a safe, healthy and convenient way to eat while maintaining a busy lifestyle.

According to Customerhealthguide, nutritional shakes are not designed to completely replace all forms of organic foods, although they can nicely supplement any diet. Replacement shakes have the advantage of offering an exact nutritional value, with every single serving. This includes vitamins and minerals, protein and caloric intake. Because of this, many people are now enjoying a wholesome, nutritionally satisfying nutritional shake in the morning, before they begin their busy day. Because of the manufacturing process, every serving size offers an exact mixture of vitamins and minerals while also providing the protein and nutrients that are essential to giving you the type of energy that you expect from your breakfast.

CustomerhealthguideIn addition, the manufacturing process controls the exact amount of caloric value that you are consuming each morning. For those who are dieting, or watching their weight, this can be an invaluable tool associated with weight loss. To know that you are getting all of your essential vitamins and minerals in one serving can be another benefit to using meal weight loss shake. nutritional shakes are not JUST for breakfast though. They can be used any time of day, as a healthy part of a balanced diet.

For those on the go, nutritional shakes can become a safe, easy and convenient way to get all your nutritional needs met, without extra calories. Based on,Nutritional shakes are easy to handle and very transportable, which makes “eating” virtually anywhere, a snap. There are no concerns related to preserving the meal, messy transportation, or other issues that many times comes along with traditional food. Although meal substitute shakes are not meant to replace traditional food, they can supplement a person’s diet in a very healthy way. For example, if it comes between missing a meal or having a nutritional replacement shake, have the shake. You should never miss a meal when a shake is handy… if you do; you will only slow down your metabolism, which most likely will lead to weight gain.

Nutritional shakes have been proven to be safe and effective as a supplement. They can be a valuable part of any person’s diet when used responsibly and properly. There is no substitute for real food but with more and more contamination occurring in the natural food chain of organic nutrients, nutritional replacement shakes are becoming an even more popular method to give you the energy that you need to go about your day. Weight loss shakes are manufactured with only the strictest of standards and contaminations are virtually non-existent because of this highly-refined process. As a result, only the finest products are made available to you, as a consumer who scrutinizes what you put in your body.

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11 Jul

Make-up after 50 years

Make-up after 50 years

If your makeup ritual has not changed much in 30 years, it’s high time to update it. Here’s how to remedy the 5 most common mistakes made after 50 years. Other anti aging regimens can be found at Rejuvenating methods are common for people in the older age rage. It’s never too late to change something old into new!

Error # 1: Stop Putting Make-Up

As soon as the hour of retirement sounds, many women stop playing with makeup. Too bad … Because as you get older, makeup becomes a valuable ally: it camouflages certain imperfections, masks the signs of fatigue, enhances the complexion, lights up the look. A tip for all those who do not know how to actualize their makeup: go to a beauty counter of a department store. Several major brands offer free make-up sessions.

Error # 2: Using a Rich Base Cream

Older women often apply eye and face creams that are far too rich. As these products do not penetrate completely, the skin shines and highlights wrinkles and imperfections. Better to opt for fluid textures during the day and keep the formulas nourishing for the night.

Mistake # 3: Using Over-Covered Over-Face Foundation

Some continue to buy the same matte, thick foundation they used in their twenties, and then apply it all over the face. But for 30 years, textures have evolved greatly. The new foundations are lighter, which gives the luminosity and a much more natural effect. Ideally, the problem areas (dark circles, redness, brown spots) are worked with the concealer, then standardized with the foundation. Attention: Contrary to belief, putting a good coat of foundation does not camouflage wrinkles and fine lines. On the contrary. The product accumulates in them and accentuates them.

After the fifties, women tend to turn to the foundation raising foundations. You should be wary of it: because of their matt texture, they can magnify the appearance of wrinkles and give a fixed air to the face. Because mature skin is fine, thin and dry, moisturizing foundation suits much better. And to counter the loss of shine due to aging, prefer the lightly rosy beige. Finally, instead of evenly covering the whole face with the foundation, one places a suspicion on the middle zone and, with the fingers, it is stretched as much as possible around the perimeter to melt it well and avoid the plastered effect . It can also be placed in small spots, at strategic points (forehead, chin, cheekbones, wings of the nose) to simply give a sparkle.

Error # 4: putting too many concealer

The excess of concealer will lodge in the wrinkles and makes them more visible. To counter this disadvantage, one chooses first a liquid or cream concealer rather than a stick, and it is used as an eye contour cream: a small amount is deposited on the tip of the little finger, then one Spread it by tapping.

Error # 5: Heavily Use Tanning Powders

Thirty years ago, tanning was particularly fashionable, and some like to perpetuate this look using bronzing powders. The trouble is that such powders reflect very little light, whereas mature skin – naturally more dull – need precisely luminosity. One solution: powders made of a mosaic of colors that diffuse a slightly tan coloring, but more natural and more uniform. For application, use a large brush to cover a large area and eliminate streaks. Another trend: put too much bronzing powder, which makes it age. Better to superimpose several thin layers until obtaining the desired color than to put a single dark and opaque.

It’s always best to try something new, but if it doesn’t work for you then you should try something else. Remember, it’s different for everyone. Not one thing can be the same from person to person.


10 Jun

Choosing Your Anti-Aging Cream – The Essential 3 Step Process

Choosing Your Anti-Aging Cream

Anti-Anging as well as wrinkle creams and serum are today one of the most popular area within the skin care industry. The Anti-Aging field has in recent time been inundated with many companies claiming that their product can take years if not decades out of the appearance of aging skin. The question remains that with so many products promising wonders, which ones actually work and how could you find out before even your first application?

Is it OK to believe their claims? Should you go purely on your instincts? Is there a better way to go about it? Fortunately there is an extremely easy 3 point process you can go through to determine the product that will work best with your skin type:

1. Determine your skin type.

– Non sensitive skin – Go straight to point 2
– If you have extremely sensitive skin then you first want to make sure the product does not contain any well-known irritants.Even though the product may work really well for some people you don’t want to be left with red, painful or blemished skin. Watch out for ingredients that are known to irritate sensitive skin like Retinol. However consulting a specialist may be the way to go if your very uncertain.

2. Make sure the cream has a minimum of 1 anti-ager as well as a collagen builder and repairer. Such anti-agers include ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl and Argireline. A Collagen complex of some sort is required as a Collagen builder and includes such ingredients as Marine Collagen Complex. Natural Peptides is also another collagen builder you should look out for.

3. Refrain from using all-in-one creams or serums. The reason for this is that you simply can’t have a product that will effectively target all areas of the face without forgoing its effectiveness. For example areas close to the eyes will require different elements and concentration levels to the forehead. Simply put certain areas requires certain sensitivities and concentrations.

Using the points mentioned above you should now be able to comfortably and confidently select the most appropriate anti-aging or wrinkle cream that will give you the best results.

For more information you can check out:1. 2. 3.

3-Week-Diet-Reviews 18 May

The Keys To Sticking With 3 Weeks Diet Plan

3 Weeks Diet Plan

The 3 Weeks Diet Plan has helped many people, like myself struggling to lose weight. I have read the 3 week diet review and decided to give it a shot. After following this amazing program, I have lost 20 pounds of fat by following the diet plan. I am truly amazed by the result!


Here are my tips on sticking with this amazing 3 Weeks Diet Plan

Something virtually everyone seems to want to do is shed a few pounds. With this comes a plethora of diets to choose from that all differ from one another. But no matter what the diet is, consistency is crucial to seeing results. Here are the keys to sticking with a weekly diet plan.

First and foremost, it is vital you actually have a plan to follow. Winging it is not going to get you to your desired weight. You need to be planning everything from what kind of diet you will be on, what foods you are allowed to eat, and when you will actually eat. Getting in a routine can be a great way to stay consistent.

After developing a plan, set some goals for yourself to strive for. A weekly diet plan is much easier to follow if there is something to work for. You should be setting short-term and long-term goals to reach such as dropping a few pounds the first week and getting down to a specific weight by the end of the diet.

Even if your diet does not call for it, give yourself some type of reward each time you achieve the goal. What is the point of setting a goal if there is no reward at the end of the day? Of course, the actual weight lost and the figure you have long desired is the true reward. But do something along the lines of getting a small treat or buying yourself a shirt you have wanted. It will make the work seem that much worth it at the end of the day.

One of the most powerful messages you can have is writing out your goals or posting a picture of what you want to look like somewhere you will look frequently. Seeing a picture of your favorite sports figure or celebrity every day will give you the drive to work harder. Knowing what reward awaits you will push you to reach your goal if it is posted on your bedroom wall.

The final tip to help you stick with a weekly diet plan is to spice up the diet and the food that is involved. No one wants to turn into a dog and eat the same thing day after day. There should be plenty of variety within the diet to keep your taste buds up. The larger the variety the better chance you have of actually sticking with the diet.

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bladder health 7 May

6 Quick Tips For Bladder Health-Keeping Your Bladder Healthy

6 Quick Tips For Bladder Health

Here are some tips to improve bladder health.

1. Kegel exercises to improve pelvic floor muscle strength.

2. Decrease and eliminate caffeinated beverages.

3. Eliminate alcohol or if you must drink, drink a glass of water to every ounce of alcohol.

4. Aromatic massages with specific high quality essential oil massage oil blends.

5. Schedule trips to the bathroom.

6. Eat a fiber rich diet with adequate intakes of water to prevent constipation.

bladder health

Facts About Bladder and Urine Control

Bladder control is something that happens to women of all ages. The medical terminology is “incontinence” and is commonly referred to as “leakage”. The problem is more common in women than men. This is because of the changes that occur in the body over a woman’s lifespan and the structure and location of the urinary tract in women. Bladder leakage can happen when women exercise, laugh, cough or sneeze.

Another common term, used in T.V. commercials, for urine leakage is “overactive bladder”. Women who are in the menopausal or postmenopausal stage of their of life often report bladder control problems.The bladder control problems usually occur as a result of a decreased in hormonal stimulation which can assist in the muscle control of the pelvic floor. Women who have been pregnant will also report an increased incidence of bladder leakage related to pelvic stretching and the additional weight they carry during pregnancy.

Bladder leakage usually starts as a slow process and continues to increase over time. There are two types of incontinence, the most common of which is stress incontinence described above. Although this condition is most common in older women, one third of women can develop the problem before the age of 35.

Another cause of bladder leakage is urge incontinence, when a person has a sudden urge to urinate and may not get to the restroom in time. The good news for individuals who suffer from both types of bladder leakage is that there are treatments and medications to help decrease or eradicate the problem.

It is important to recognize that bladder leakage is not a normal part of aging and should not be accepted as such. Women who suffer from stress incontinence have simple exercises which will strengthen the pelvic floor and the muscles which control the bladder and urethra. Through better muscular control women are often able to stop stress incontinence in its tracks.

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Natural Skincare 3 May

Why Choosing Natural Skincare Products Is Better-What You Need To Know

How Natural Skincare Products Can Be As Good Or Better Than Synthetic Ones

Many people don’t know about how excellent natural skin care products can be. Many pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies will try and tell you that you need different chemicals and that natural skincare is ineffective and may even be harmful. This is totally untrue.

Did you know that natural skincare is safe and effective and that skincare products can be better in the long run for the health and quality of your skin? Natural skin care products have been used for thousands of years and many cultures still use natural skincare to improve their appearance. You can find skincare products that moisturize and tone skin, as well as reduce wrinkles. Natural skincare products can even fight the visible signs of sun damage.

Science has figured out what some of the active compounds in skincare products are. But even if they have the same effect, natural skin care ingredients are safer and more effective than chemicals. Consider anti-oxidants. They are found in many foods and in some of the ingredients of natural skin care products.

Natural Skincare

Benefits Of Natural Skincare Products

Natural skincare is best in this case since fighting harmful chemicals with more chemicals does not make much sense. You should lean more toward natural products containing ingredients like Vitamin C, and green tea. If you use skincare products containing these antioxidants, you will find that you have brighter and younger looking skin.

Skincare can also provide effective e moisturizing ingredients. Look for rich nut butters in your skincare products. These can include avocado butter, shea butter, and olive butter. Olive oil has been known for years as one of the better natural skin care products around and Mediterranean women in particular are known to include it in their skincare routines.

India has some of the most highly developed and effective natural skin care methods. The use of Ayurvedic medicines form complex and specialised natural skincare that is personalized to the needs and requirements of different people.

Natural skin care techniques in India consider a person’s skin and other physical traits to create a customized program of different skincare products. Many of these are now being valued and used in Western society.

Thousands of years of tradition and beauty tell us what the drug companies don’t want us to hear. Natural skincare can be the best way to maintain your appearance without risking your health in the process.

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phentermine 22 Apr

Phentermine – What You Need To Know

Weight Loss With Phentermine

All over the world, there is almost 40 % of population suffering from obesity. But most of these patients are hesitating to approach the doctor. It is either due to shyness or shame that is associated with obesity. To overcome these problems, there is a drug that will solve this problem – Phentermine.

Phentermine helps you in reducing weight and saves your valuable time. At present this drug is very popular all over the world and especially in United States of America it is No.1 weight reducing drug. This makes your life simple and sharper.


Guidelines To Reduce Weight With Phentermine

The following are some of the guidelines that will help you reduce your extra weight in an easy manner with the help of Phentermine.

o Nowadays, losing extra weight is no longer a difficult task with Phentermine.

o Phentermine is a drug that is used with proper overall diet plan.

o In most of the weight losing tablets, Phentermine is actively present. As per survey carried out by research team, 50% of the weight reducing drugs contains Phentermine composition.

o It is easily and readily available in local medical stores. The other option to get Phentermine is through Internet services.

o Phentermine is the easiest solution that is readily available in the world

o Just visit the website of Phentermine and fill up the requisite form to get started.

o All your information is kept as secret and will not be known to anyone.

o You don’t need to send money while feeling up required information.

o The Phentermine format is very simple and you can easily access it.

o After filling up the form, the drug will be dispatched to you within shortest possible time.

o In case you order Phentermine drug in large quantity you are authorized for heavy discounts provided by the company.

o This famous weight-reducing drug is available in various formats, tablet and capsules. They are available in 15 mg and 30 mg capsules. In case of tablet, it is available in 37.5 mg.

o To reduce weight, you need to have only will power and patience. Phentermine is the easiest way to reduce weight.

o Working with Phentermine is safe and surest method to reduce weight.

o Phentermine diet pills suits well for your body condition and there are few side effects for a limited period.

o This drug is tested and has the approval from FDA. The FDA approval is the symbol of trust provided by many people.

o In our day to day life we opt for junk food that helps in gaining lot of weight thus before working with Phentermine stop all these junk stuff, especially oily food and the fats.

o Phentermine will help you in reducing weight for few dollars.

o In case of diabetes and blood pressure patients proper advice is to be taken from the doctor.

o This Phentermine drug is not recommended for children and pregnant women. Even the breast feeding mothers are advised to keep away from Phentermine drug.

o This drug works as an appetite reducing agent and keeps control over your diet.

o Phentermine stimulates the hypothalamus glands and affects the neurotransmitter that helps in reducing individual’s appetite.

o Along with reducing appetite, it also keeps your body temperature constant and controls the nervous system.

o The pill needs to be taken before an hour of the meal. Proper doses are to be followed strictly, to avoid side effects.

o Avoid taking Phentermine drug late in evening.

o There are minor side effects that stay for shorter duration and gradually decrease as the medicine suits your body.

o While you are taking this medicine, avoid tasks that involve heavy machinery and driving as the Phentermine causes dizziness.

Thus, by viewing above guidelines, it is very easy to lose weight with Phentermine. These guidelines are to be used for reference purpose only and this is not a final authority. Readers are advised to consult their family doctor before starting Phentermine.

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Sleep and Loss of Muscle Mass in Weight Loss 22 Apr

Sleep and Loss of Muscle Mass in Weight Loss

Sleep and Loss of Muscle Mass in Weight Loss

Having the ability to build muscle mass is an asset in this world of worship and beauty that is that of our society. Whether you want to have the appearance of Brad Pitt or Megan Fox, good muscle mass is essential for an impeccable appearance. Many people, not to target women, do not understand, or just do not want to understand, that more importantly in proportion is your lean mass (“muscle”), the lower your percentage of fat.

Low% fat = beautiful body composition = “Nice shape”

So muscle hypertrophy (increase) = decrease in fat% = “Nice shape”

And yes, even for women! And you will not look like HULK, do not worry.

It goes without saying that to maintain our muscle mass is excessively important. This is what raised a very interesting question in me:

Does sleep have an impact on muscle mass?

In recent years, we have seen a decrease in sleep time and an increase in obesity in North America. A link has indeed been drawn between these two variables. However, we can say that lack of sleep creates, as it were, a loss of muscle mass. Of course not. This is only a correlation link.

However, a very recent study has shown that a lack of sleep has a considerable impact on the loss of muscle mass and on the reduction of fat oxidation. This study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine (October 2010) compared two groups to assess the impact of a decrease in sleep time (8.5 hours vs. 5.5 hours) on body composition.

Sleep and Loss of Muscle Mass in Weight Loss

“We examine the effect of sleep restriction, designed to approximate the short sleep times of a society, and may compromise the effect of reduced-calorie diets on excess adiposity [… ]. The combination of energy and sleep restriction in overweight adults resulted in a modified state of negative energy balance by a decreased loss of fat and considerably increased loss of fat-free body mass. Our experimental data show that sleep plays an important role in the preservation of human fat-free body mass during periods of reduced caloric intake.”

The scientific community has clearly demonstrated the correlation between sleep deprivation and weight loss. A lack of sleep makes weight loss very difficult to achieve, since it has a direct impact on two hormones related to the regulation of appetite. In the occurrence leptin and ghrelin. (If you would like to have more information on the subject, please let me know in the comment section that follows the article).

What makes the study so interesting is that it demonstrates a direct link between lack of sleep and loss of lean mass in a caloric restriction situation.

Thus, it would seem that during a period of caloric restriction, a lack of sleep would cause a metabolic, neuro-endocrine and behavioral reaction that would make your attempts at weight loss excessively difficult.

In clearer terms:

A lack of sleep makes weight loss difficult.

But a lack of sleep during periods of caloric restriction makes a loss EXCESSIVELY difficult.

So keep in mind that it’s not all about numbers. It is not so simple to lose weight that you spend more calories than you ingest. Several variables have a very important impact on the possibility of oxidizing as much fat as possible. That’s fine weight loss, but what we’re aiming for is no more a loss of fat in order to get a body composition worthy of your dreams. For this you need your MUSCLE MASS.

That’s why your healthcare professionals such as your kinesiologist, nutritionist or doctor are constantly talking about having a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some factors that will have similar effects to lack of sleep:

1. Stress

2. Poor nutrition (quality)

3. Lack of recovery from your workouts

strippers in Denver 21 Apr

How To Have An Awesome Bachelor Party-What You Need To Know

Booking A Stripper For A Bachelor Party

Booking a stripper for a bachelor party has become a traditional part of the festivities, but if it is not done properly so many things can go wrong. At best, there may be an embarrassment if some boundaries are crossed. At worst, the police may be called. So if you’re planning to hire a stripper for a private party, here are some of the things to consider before making that online booking or picking up the phone.

strippers in Denver

1. Will the guest of honor be offended if you hire a stripper for his bachelor party? Many grooms-to-be may feel uncomfortable with a strip act or may be concerned that their soon-to-be wives may find out that there was a strip dancer at their stag party, so you should also take this into consideration before you book.

2. Who’s going to be part of the bachelor party? If you’re planning to bring along the groom’s seventeen-year-old brother, then you may want to rethink your plans. Apart from the fact that it is inappropriate, in many areas it is illegal for a dancer to strip in front of a minor.

3. How far in advance will you have to book? Keep in mind that some of the best strip dancers are very much in demand for private parties and may have full schedules weeks or even months in advance.

4. If you’re considering hiring a girl based just on their photo on a website, be careful since these can easily be ‘Photoshopped’ and may not really reflect how the stripper really looks. Try to find out where the dancers perform regularly and watch their act before making a final decision, so you’ll know what they look like as well as how they dance.

5. Read the girl’s rules carefully to ensure that you’re comfortable with the boundaries that she has set. Remember, each girl usually has her own set of rules with her own dos and don’ts, so pick the ones that you feel most comfortable with.

6. Also ask if the girl is willing to give lap dances or is simply going to perform. Not all strip artists do lap dances, so if you want to give the guest of honor a lap dance you may want to consider a performer who specializes in these types of dances.

If you adhere to these guidelines, then you’ll encounter no problems when you book a stripper, and the guest of honor will surely have a bachelor party to remember.

If you’re live in Denver and wanted to hire a Denver strippers either for yourself or for a great mate, make sure you visit for great information and ideas to make your stag party a night to remember.